Newaza of Koji Komuro




For both beginners & advanced judoka and recommended by the world’s greatest newaza master, Katushiko Kashiwazaki

Koji Komuro is a 3x World Masters Champion and a Newaza specialist.  Komuro was taught by Kosen Judo Master Kanae Hirata and is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Yuki Nakai.  Komuro was also the 2010 World Champion (with his uke Takano Kenji) in the Katame no Kata category.  Komuro’s specialities are sutemi-waza (sacrifice throws), variations on tomoe-nage, and submission techniques like jujigatame and side guru jime.  He is a former instructor at the Kodokan Judo Institute and currently the coach at Waseda High School.  

Koji Komuro is a special advisor to Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy and has partnered with our head instructor, Michael Martyn, in the development of Pacific Rim’s black belt newaza requirements.  Many of the requirements can be found in this book.  Komuro has also produced an instructional DVD series, “The Komlock – Practical Judo Ne-Waza” and “Judo Katame-Waza: Grapping Training Methods.”  


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