USA Judo Camp & Training Center Launch (Feb 17-18, 2018) – Celebrate our dojo being named an International Training Center for USA Judo. On February 17-18th, USA Judo CEO, Keith Bryant and Director of High Performance, Ed Liddie will travel to Portland along with Mr. Kosuke Tanaka, All Japan Judo Champion, Mrs. Tong Wen, Olympic and 7x World Champion, Mr. Shinjiro Sasaki, Kodokan Cup Champion, and Ms. Kanae Yamabe, Olympic and World Bronze Medallist. Over the course of the two days, host a judo camp, invite the community and local schools to try judo for free, and promote our future events. Don’t miss this event!

USA Judo ITC Summer Camp (June 25-29, 2018) – Join us this summer for a week long training camp at the new International Training Center in Tigard, OR. The camp immediately follows the Junior Olympics and will feature top level instruction and randori with other elite athletes and champions from both the US and Japan.  Past instructors have included, Mr. Yasuyuki Muneta, 2x World Champion, Mrs. Noriko Kitada, Olympic and World Bronze Medallist, Ms. Aiko Sato, World Champion, Ms. Yoko Tanabe, 2x Olympic Silver Medallist, Mr. Chang-Rim An, 2x World Bronze Medallist, and Mr. Koji Komuro, World Masters Champion and Newaza Specialist.  Don’t miss this event!

Japan Judo Study Tour (July 15-28th, 2018) – Join us for our 5th Annual Japan Judo Study Tour!  This once-in-a-lifetime experience is open to all judoka 14 years and older with a minimum of 2 years experience on the mat. Spend 12 days immersed in Japanese culture, learning Judo’s rich history on a fully-guided tour, complete with world-class personal instruction and trips to Tokyo’s top sightseeing destinations. Join other participants who share a love of Judo and an appreciation for the type of training only Japan can offer.  Reserve your spot today.  Participation is limited to 30 judoka and we have sold out every year!