Tong Wen Clinic (August 4-5th, 2018) – Join us for a weekend with Tong Wen, Olympic Champion and 7x World Champion from China.  She is famous for her Ippon Seoi-Nage, but also won many matches with her versatile groundwork; winning olympic matches with yoko shiho gatame, kesure kesa gatami, kami shiho gatame, ude-garami, and wake-gatame!  Come spend the weekend with her as she shares her techniques and love for judo.  In addition to being one of the most famous Chinese Judoka to ever compete, Tong Wen is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Kunikazu Yahagi Seminar (October 13-14th, 2018) – Join us for a seminar with Mr. Yahagi Kunikazu. Mr. Yahagi is a sword specialist and the Headmaster of Ryushin Shouchi-Ryu, a school of kobudo (ancient martial arts) specializing in iaijutsu (quick-draw sword art) and tai kumitachi (partner bokken training). Mr. Yahagi started training in Kendo at the age of 10 and also trained in Judo, attaining a 2nd Dan through the Kodokan. Mr. Yahagi continued his training of Kendo and currently is a Kyoshi 7th Dan through the All Japan Kendo Association. We have trained with Yahagi Sensei in Japan on multiple occasions and this will be his first trip to Oregon.