Japan Judo Tour (April 28 – May 9, 2019) – Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Japan. Spend 12 days immersed in Japanese culture, watching Japan’s top judoka compete, training at the best dojos in Japan and visiting Tokyo’s top sightseeing destinations. Your training includes stops at the Kodokan, Nihon University, Keio University and Nittai Dai, and our group has received a special invitation to participate in Golden Week training camps with national competitors.  Finally, we have arranged private training sessions with Yasuyuki Muneta, Noriko Kitada, Yoshi Nakamura, Koji Komuro and Tsukasa Yoshida.  Don’t miss this opportunity!

Tadayuki Satoh Seminar (August 9 – 11th, 2019) – Join us in Oregon for a seminar with Tadayuki Satoh Sensei. Satoh was taught directly by Tomiki Kenji Sensei, founder of the Japan Aikido Association, in the living room of his house every Sunday before tea, and so he has an in-depth knowledge of Tomiki Sensei’s Aikido system. He is also an accomplished judoka. His father received his 8th Dan in Kodokan Judo and was a contemporary of Jigoro Kano.  Kano urged Satoh’s father to send him to train in Aikido because judo was meant to be more than just competition.  He is an expert in his field, and in particular, the link between Kodokan Judo and Tomiki-style Aikido. He also teaches aikido at the Japan Police University, and he lives in Tokyo.