World-Class Facilities

As part of our vision for the future, we are expanding our facilities to accommodate long-term growth as well as become a premier destination for traditional martial arts training and international seminars.

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We are in the process of dramatically expanding our building.  We plan to have construction complete by our Grand Opening on June 10-11th, 2017.  The following are a few pictures of the design.


Floor Plan

Below is a layout of our new floor plan.  When it is finished, our building will be more than 6,700 square feet and include an array of new features.  Most importantly, the building will feature 2,300 square feet of Japanese tatami (mats) supported by a sprung floor, which will allow us to grow our student base for years to come and host international seminars.  To compliment the larger practice area, we are adding a strength and conditioning area featuring Eleiko and Rogue Fitness equipment.

In addition to increasing the main dojo by 1,700 square feet, we are extending our building 30 feet out toward the street and adding a second and third floor.  Both the first and second floor will feature natural wood flooring and exposed beams accented with floor to ceiling windows for maximum light. The third floor has a deck that extends across two sides of the building and features great views of the surrounding city.  The ground floor will contain a foyer and full windows through which to view practice on the mat.  Further, we will have 600 square feet of open office combined with full multi-media capabilities for seminars, coaching workshops and other practice related learning and development.  Upstairs will feature private offices and full shower and changing facilities in order to host guest instructors.