2018 Japan Judo Study Tour

July 15 - 28th

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Japan, the birthplace of Judo. Spend 12 days immersed in Japanese culture, learning Judo’s rich history on a fully-guided tour, complete with personal instruction from world and olympic champions and trips to Tokyo’s top sightseeing destinations. Join other judoka who share a love of Judo and an appreciation for the type of training only Japan can offer.

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Welcome To Our School

Founded in 1979, Pacific Rim is internationally recognized as a model for developing successful competitors and exceptional people.

With a deep respect for traditional martial arts, Pacific Rim strives to create meaningful relationships with our students, while passing on the art of self-defense and self-reliance.  Our philosophy of respect, discipline, courage and consistency is the template for developing great people.

As expressed by the characters ZEN EI KAN, everything we do is dedicated to fostering an environment where each student is challenged to reach their fullest potential, while contributing to the development of others through the principle of mutual welfare and benefit.

Styles We Teach

At Pacific Rim, we teach five distinct yet complimentary modern martial arts; Judo, Jujutsu, Aikido, Hapkido and TaeKwonDo.  While some of our students specialize in one art, most enjoy training in each of the arts to enrich their experience.

Years on the Mat

Martial Arts

Unique Experience


JUNIOR PROGRAM (ages 6-13)

ADULT PROGRAM (ages 14+)

Meet Our Head Instructor

With 35 years experience on the mat and advanced black belts in five different arts, learn more about his approach to developing great martial artists and people.

Jigoro Kano taught us that through Judo each person can develop a strong character. At Pacific Rim, students are committed to becoming true judoka, and I could truly feel their dedication to training and making deep friendships through mutual prosperity.

Mr. Yasuyuki Muneta

2003 & 2007 World Champion

Michael Martyn has a tremendous passion for martial arts that led him to Japan to learn the true meaning of Judo and developing people through practice. He is showing us what true budo looks like.

Mr. Shintaro Nakano

Former Japan National Team Member

Pacific Rim is a great dojo with many tatami, world-class equipment and a beautiful building.  Students practice hard with respect and seriousness and I could see their love for learning Judo. I can’t wait to return and teach at Pacific Rim again.

Mr. Changrim An

2015 & 2017 World Bronze Medallist

Mike Martyn has a Japanese soul. I have met many instructors from around the world, but he is different. He understands Kano’s vision for judo and is a true judoka. I am happy to know him.

Mrs. Noriko Kitada

1988 Olympic Bronze Medallist

At Pacific Rim you have a chance to learn martial arts from a very diligent and sincere instructor. In all my travels, I have never seen such a great and beautiful dojo and my dream is to one day own such a wonderful dojo. I highly recommend Pacific Rim!

Mr. Koji Komuro

2017 World Masters Champion

The students at Pacific Rim are respectful, dedicated, and committed to learning. They would be positive role models for our own students and are welcome to train with us at Teikyo University anytime.

Mr. Yasuo Otoguro

All Japan Judo Champion (60kg)


We finished a major renovation and expansion of our building.  Click here to learn more about our vision for the future and see more pictures of our building and layout of the space.

Floor Plan

Our new floor plan is 6,600 square feet dedicated to training and features 50% more practice area, a strength and conditioning area and full meeting facilities.

Practice Area

Our expanded mat space features 2,300 square feet of Japanese tatami supported by a “sprung” floor and 600 square feet devoted to strength and conditioning.


Our amenities include laundry facilities, state-of-the-art multimedia equipment for conferences, and 1,500 square feet for meetings and hosting guest instructors.

Our Exchange Program

Starting in 2003, Pacific Rim has hosted many instructors and exchange students from around the world.  Learn more about our deep connections with Japan, some of the instructors we have hosted over the year, and information on our exchange program.

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With 38 years in business and internationally certified instructors, our experience is second to none.



We offer world-class instruction to both junior and adults, with classes offered five days a week.



We are a USA Judo International Training Center and regularly host guest instructors from Japan and Korea.