Ryushin Rank Test Fee


This is the fee paid to Japan for a rank test with Yahagi Sensei (or other qualified and approved instructor).


This is the fee paid to Japan for a rank test with Yahagi Sensei.  All candidates who test are required to pay this fee regardless of the outcome of the test.  All fees are due prior to the actual testing day.

PLEASE NOTE: Students do not ask to be tested, but rather instructors will inform you when we feel you are ready.  If a student wishes to be tested they should ask for permission from their instructors. Students also do not get to choose their judges when testing.  Testing is typically held 2X per year (about every 6 months), coordinating with our annual RSR Seminar with Yahagi Sensei. Usually students are asked to test for SANKYU after 6 months of regular attendance.

Testing and certificate fees are determined by Japan and are not included in your monthly and annual dues.

The fees are determined by the current Yen – Dollar exchange rate.


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