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Hosted 20 minutes from the heart of Downtown Portland and designed for university students and visiting athletes with an interest in teaching judo and having an unparalleled experience.  Our exchange program offers terms of stay ranging from one week to one year and applicants accepted into the program stay at the dojo in one of our two apartments.


We have classes 6 days per week for kids, teens and adults. Improve your english and make new friends while you share your favorite techniques.


All levels of english classes are 10 min from the dojo at a local college. Take a placement test when you arrive and begin classes immediately.


Become a member of our dojo family, have new adventures and create memories. There are so many things to do in Oregon that you will never be bored.

At Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy, instructors and students are challenged to learn and grow through hard work and discipline. Everyone has the opportunity to experience the happiness that comes from overcoming struggles and accomplishing goals.  The opportunity to live in Oregon and teach at Pacific Rim literally changed my life.  I would recommend it to anyone!

Eri Muneta

Exchange Student 2010 - 2012, Tokai University

make friends

When you come to Oregon and stay at our dojo, you not only get to share your techniques, but you also get to make new friends.  These friendships will last a lifetime and make your trip truly special.

create memories

With some many things to do and see, everyday will feel like a new adventure.  During your stay, you will experience city life, visit the Oregon Coast, and spend time in world-famous Central Oregon. 

At Pacific Rim you have a chance to learn martial arts from a very diligent and sincere instructor. In all my travels, I have never seen such a great and beautiful dojo and my dream is to one day own such a wonderful dojo. I highly recommend Pacific Rim!

Koji Komuro

2x World Masters Champion, Newaza Specialist



Oregon is in the Pacific Northwest region bordered by Washington, California, Idaho and the Pacific Ocean.  Oregon is rated the #1 state in the US for outdoor activities and home to 5 national parks, 98 community conservation and recreation projects, 17 historic landmarks and 10 natural landmarks.


Portland is Oregon’s largest city with 650,000 people, sits on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, and includes the largest wildeness park in the US.


Rated as the #1 city in the world for street food, Portland is also rated as the best beer city in the US and known for its coffee culture and famous wines.


Headquarters for Nike and Adidas, Portland hosts thriving art, theatre and music scenes, and is home to professional basketball and soccer teams.

Jigoro Kano taught us that through Judo each person can develop a strong character.  At Pacific Rim, students are committed to becoming true judoka, and I could truly feel their dedication to training and making deep friendships through mutual prosperity.

Yasuyuki Muneta

2x World Champion, 3x Asian Champion


As an option for guests interested in a longer stay, there is a wonderful English program designed for international students.  The classes are taught at Portland Community College, and are only a short 10 minute bus ride from the dojo.

Dowload our program brochure and see why so many exchange students and guest instructors call our dojo home.  Applying for our program is easy.  Contact us today and we can discuss options for your stay and help you with all the arrangements.  Get started on your new adventure today and make friends and memories that last a lifetime.

Michael Martyn

Head Instructor, Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy

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