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2019 Japan Judo Tour

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Japan. Spend 12 days immersed in Japanese culture, training at the best dojos in Japan, receiving personal instruction from World and Olympic Champions and visiting Tokyo’s top sightseeing destinations. Join other athletes in their quest to dramatically improve their judo with the type of training only Japan can offer.


Over the course of the tour, you will train at some of Japan’s top dojos, starting at the birthplace of Judo, the Kodokan. Our training will include the top universities in Japan. As a special treat, we have scheduled our tour during the Golden Week holiday. During this holiday, the best in Japan come together for intense training camps and our group received special invitations to participate!

During our trip, you have the option of attending two of the highest level competitions Japan has to offer. First, we will attend the All Japan Judo Champions and watch the giants of the sport compete for Japanese Judo’s highest honor. Later in the trip, we will attend the elementary school team championships and watch the top juniors via for a national title.

With 35 million people, Tokyo is the largest metropolitan city in the world. We will visit some of Tokyo’s top tourist destinations, including the Imperial Palace, the Nippon Budokan, the Meiji Jingu Shrine, and the Tokyo Skytree. You will also experience some of the best shopping and nightlife in the world, at Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza, Asakusa, Harajuku, and Akihabara.

We have arranged five amazing private sessions for our tour.  Each champion will teach their favorite techniques and share competition strategies and tactics that led them to the top of the podium many times.

  • Yasuyuki Muneta:
    Yasuyuki Muneta is a 2x World Champion, 3x Asian Champion and World University Champion. Muneta was a member of Kodogakusha Dojo and Setagaya Gakuen High School, where he won both the All Japan High School Championships and the Inter-High Tournament. Muneta attended Meiji University and during his time was the youngest winner of the Kano Cup (1999 and 2001). In addition, he was elected as the “most excellent player” 4 years in a row at the All-Japan University Judo Championships. Only 5 athletes (including Yasuhiro Yamashita) in the history of judo have accomplished this feat. Muneta’s specialities are sasae-tsurikomi ashi, ippon seoi-nage and uchimata.
  • Noriko Kitada:
    Noriko Kitada was the 1988 Olympic Bronze Medallist in Seoul and a bronze medallist at the World Championships in 1987. She also won the Fukuoka Tournament in 1986 and was a multiple time All Japan winner. In addition to her impressive competitive career, Kitada ran the famous Kodogakusha Dojo in Tokyo. Kodogakusha was home to such famous judoka as Yasuyuki Muneta (2x World Champion), Toshihiko Kogo (Olympic Champion & 3x World Champion), Hidehiko Yoshida (World & Olympic Champion), Masashi Ebinuma (2x Olympic Bronze, 3x World Champion), and Shohei Ohno (Olympic Champion, 2x World Champion). Kitada’s specialties are uchimata, ouchi gari, and gripping.
  • Yoshio Nakamura: (to be confirmed)
    Yoshio Nakamura is the 1993 World Champion, 1991 Asian Champion and 1998 Paris Grand Slam Champion. He is one of the three famous Nakamura brothers who were each world champions. Nakamura was a rival of Hidehiko Yoshida. Nakamura has coached at Asahi Kasei since 2001 and have many famous pupils, among them World Champion and Olympic Silver Medallist, Hiroshi Izumi and 2x Olympic Gold Medallist Masato Uchishiba. Nakamurs was known for his uchimata, ouchi-gari and harai-goshi, but especially for his strong newaza (groundwork).
  • Koji Komuro:
    Koji Komuro is a 3x World Masters Champion and a Newaza specialist. He is a former instructor at the Kodokan and currently the coach at Waseda High School. Komuro is the author of Judo Newaza of Koji Komuro Komlock and a 3-DVD series. Komuro was taught by Kosen Judo Master Kanae Hirata and is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Yuki Nakai. Komuro was also the 2010 World Champion (with his uke Takano Kenji) in the Katame no Kata category. Komuro’s specialities are sutemi-waza (sacrifice throws), variations on tomoe-nage, and submission techniques like jujigatame and side guru jime.
  • Tsukasa Yoshida:
    Tsukasa Yoshida is the current World Champion at 57kg as well as claiming a Silver Medal in 2017. She is a 3x Tokyo Grand Slam Champion as well as an Asian Champion. In total, Yoshida has already captured 12 International Medals (7 Gold) and won the Japanese National Championship by the age of 23. She is the current #1 in Japan and the favorite to represent Japan in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Yoshida’s specialties are uchimata, osoto-gari, ouchi, and seoi-nage. She also has won many matches with newaza.

Our group will stay at the Tokyo Central Hostel in Shinjuku.  Centrally located and in the heart of the most famous area of the city for shopping and nightlife, rooms are shared by four people.  Private rooms can be arranged for an additional fee.

The tour will be fully guided by three great instructors, each committed to enriching your time in Japan and maximizing your training.

  • Mike Martyn - Head Instructor, Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy
  • Brian Olson - 4x Olympian and World Bronze Medallist
  • Koji Komuro - 3x World Masters Champion and Newaza Specialist

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Price: $2250.00

Date: April 28, 2019

Tokyo Central Youth Hostel
18th Floor, Central Plaza, 1-1 Kagurakashi, Shinjuku-ku
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Available Spaces: 25

Tadayuki Satoh Seminar

Mr. Tadayuki Satoh Sensei is one of the world’s leading Japan Aikido Association experts. He was taught directly by Tomiki Kenji Sensei, founder of the Japan Aikido Association, in the living room of his house every Sunday before tea, and so he has an in-depth knowledge of Tomiki Sensei’s Aikido system. He is also an accomplished judoka. His father received his 8th Dan in Kodokan Judo and was a contemporary of Jigoro Kano.  Kano urged Satoh's father to send him to train in Aikido because judo was meant to be more than just competition.  Sato Sensei, was granted the position of Shihan of Waseda University Aikido club in 2007. This position had been vacant since Professor Tomiki’s death in 1979. He is an expert in his field, and in particular, the link between Kodokan Judo and Tomiki-style Aikido. He also teaches aikido at the Japan Police University, and he lives in Tokyo.

Price: $150.00

Date: August 10, 2019

Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy
8970 SW Burnham St.
Tigard, OR
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Available Spaces: 49