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Our 11 year old daughter has been at PRMAA for several months now. We are beyond happy to have found this academy for many reasons. The head instructor, Mr. Martyn, is one of a kind. He is dedicated to the art and has several decades of experience. He has a teaching style that gets the kids motivated and excited to learn, but also teaches them the most important part in my opinion, respect. Respect of the Dojo, respect of the art, the instructor, the teachings and last but not least, respect for themselves. There are many black belts that are hands on with the children teaching in-depth each step of the way. Judo has really changed the way my daughter lives her day-to-day life.  She is proud of herself and wants to learn more and more about judo and is always showing family and friends her judo moves! 🙂 I can go on for days talking about Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy. Couldn’t be happier!