Junior Judo

$450.00 every 3 months and a $50.00 Registration Fee

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Judo is a modern martial art created in Japan in 1882 by Jigoro Kano.  Judo is based on the principles of Jujutsu and has three basic categories of techniques; throwing techniques, grappling techniques, and striking techniques. Central to Kano’s vision for judo were the principles of seiryoku zenyo (maximum efficiency, minimum effort) and jita kyoei (mutual welfare and benefit).  He was convinced that the practice of judo techniques that conformed to these ideals was a route to self-improvement and the betterment of society in general.

In Judo, developing one’s technique through contest is a hallmark of each student’s journey.  In a judo contest, the object is to either throw or takedown one’s opponent, immobilize or otherwise subdue one’s opponent.  While Kano was not opposed to Judo being taught as a sport, Kano was primarily interested in the physical development of students as it related to their ability to translate these physical lessons to all aspects of their life.  As such, the vast majority of Kano’s time spent teaching judo and in his writings were on society at large, the development of moral character and the benefit of judo study to both of them.


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