Hapkido Sparring Seminar


This two hour seminar is open to all current Hapkido students and will focus on an introduction to “traditional” sparring; including footwork, combinations, partner drills and proper protocol to ensure a safe and productive environment for all students.

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Students of all levels are welcome to attend the seminar.  The format of the seminar will focus on technique and proper execution of combinations and drills.  The seminar will cover the following elements:

  • Combinations - participants will learn basic sparring combinations that combine various kicking and punching techniques.
  • Partner Drills - participants will work in pairs, applying the new combinations in predetermined attack and defense sequences.
  • Progressive Sparring - finally, participants will be introduced to the three types of sparring and how to safely and effectively hone sparring skills.


The method of sparring we practice at Pacific Rim is a traditional form of sparring developed during TaeKwonDo’s formative years in the 1960s.  Until the 1960’s, TaeKwonDo and Karate training and techniques were very similar, but the introduction of full-contact competitions in Korea led to the development of the style we practice at our dojo.  

In 1963, the body protector was first used in full contact, leading to an increased use of kicking and focus on power.  By the end of the 1960s, the size of the competition area increased leading to narrower and more natural stances, allowing fighters to cover ground more quickly.  With the narrower stances, boxing footwork was adopted and feints were introduced.  As a result, by the early 1970s, sparring had become more dynamic, power was balanced with the use of speed, counter kicks were developed, and blocking gave way to flexible footwork.

The next two decades would see a radical redesign of sparring by the Korean governing body to emphasize speed kicking over power kicking and create a style of free fighting aimed at being more enjoyable to an Olympic audience.  The results was the significant deemphasis on punching and a focus on the use of the front leg and multiple kicks in order to quickly score points.

At Pacific Rim, our program teaches a style of sparring that 1) balances the use of kicking and punching, 2) emphasizes circular movement and natural stances, and 3) closes distance in order to integrate gripping for control and finishing throws.

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Sept 10, 2022


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